Monday, March 15, 2010

Make Every Moment Count

We live in a world of "hurry." Almost everything is rushed for our "convenience." And sometimes in the midst of hurrying along, we forget to honor the most important things in life--ourselves, our families, and our friends. Many of us experience burnout on our jobs, in our social groups, and even in serving God because we don't take time to rest and rejuvenate. So today, make every moment count by taking time for yourself. Mark 6:31 shows us that even Jesus valued rest! Re-build your inner person by doing something meaningful. Take a walk. Play a game with your spouse or children. Find a nice spot in nature to sit and meditate on God's goodness. After all, if rest or "downtime" was beneficial for Jesus, it is certainly beneficial for you!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Over ten years ago, I went through a very painful divorce. I felt as if someone had taken a bulldozer and destroyed all my dreams of having a "happy" marriage and family, while all I could do was stand and watch in total disbelief. I hurt. I felt abandoned. I felt cheated out of the "happily-ever-after" most little girls dream of having.

My son was just two and a half years old at the time and I was angry with myself for not being able to give him the "traditional" family I wanted so badly for him to have. Some days I was strong, other days I cried all day. Because most people see me as a strong woman, I think it was hard for them to believe that I was in that much pain. Maybe sometimes it didn't show. I had an active toddler to raise and I told myself to "suck it up" for his sake. Oh, but how I hurt!!!

But I discovered something so beautiful during that painful time. Although my marriage was destroyed, my relationship with my "first" love deepened. He was there on the days when I was so broken, I couldn't get up enough energy to go out and face the world. He was there on the nights that I cried so much, my whole body ached. He was there to help me be a loving mother to the gift child He had given me. I learned to lean on Him more. I began to anticipate the time "alone" with Him, reading and praying. I began to look forward to breakfasts and dinners with just us two--especially when my mom was so kind to take my son with her so that I could get some "me" time.

And just what kind of "first" love could be this supportive, gentle, and strong for me when I was weak and broken? JESUS!!! And He's there for you too! Make time to deepen your relationship with Him despite your circumstances. It will be the best time you ever spend!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

On Being a "Bird"

Sometimes embracing who you are is difficult due to feelings of inadequacy. Growing up, I absolutely HATED my nickname--Bird. I asked my mother repeatedly why everyone insisted on calling me that. She explained that when I was born I was so tiny that relatives compared me to a small bird, and the name sort of stuck--at least for them. To me it was just embarassing. In my mind I used to think, A bird? A tiny little bird? Are you kidding? How insignificant!! One of my uncles (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. LOL) even put a different spin on it--he called me BIRD CAGE!!! By the time I was a pre-teen, I demanded that they cease and desist! Eventually they did, except for a few.

Later in life, as I grew into womanhood and developed a personal relationshp with Christ, I began to see myself as He sees me--important, significant, and special. After all, I am made in His image. This led me to finally accept myself the way God made me, with all my beautiful "flaws." I remembered my nickname and gave some thought to my erroneous assumption that a tiny bird was insignificant. How could it be when God created it? Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:29 that not even a tiny sparrow falls to the ground outside of God's will, which means that God knows when a tiny bird falls. And if God knows, He cares!

I began to see tiny birds in a whole new way. For one, they were created by God. Two, they have God's attention. Three, they have the ability to fly! Now how special is that? Doesn't sound insignificant at all! This leads me to one conclusion: If God cares about tiny birds, He cares for me! Therefore, being a "bird" ain't bad at all. In fact, it's absolutely wonderful! And you probably didn't know that I can fly too! Yep. No kidding. I can soar to high heights in Christ by studying God's Word, spreading the Gospel message, and deepening my relationship with Him through prayer!